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This course has been developed by ACI Training & Consultancy Ltd to help healthcare workers who work in X-ray departments, understand the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000 (IRMER) and how they apply.  It is a comprehensive course detailing:

  •          What is radiation
  •          Types of radiation
  •          Sources of radiation
  •          Harmful effects of ionising radiation
  •          Types of exposure
  •          How ionising radiation affects the body
  •          Dosage Limits
  •          Dosimetry
  •          Legislation
  •          Health and Safety Information
  •          Assessment of learning

Working with Ionising Radiation - Some employers/agencies require this as mandatory - please check with your employer/agency if you are required to do this course before making a purchase.


Once you purchase the course, it is valid for you to take for 90 days.